Project Management

Ideas almost always originate from the need to improve something. Many ideas, although very beneficial, fail in their execution due to improper management of the process to implement. Nanoserve offers experienced Project Management professionals who can serve to assist in the management of your implementation project. Effective preparation, design and management of technology implementations are vital to overall success and in ensuring you obtain the maximum return on your entire investment.

Whether it simply is to oversee the implementation of the document management installation and configuration or expand that into other areas (i.e., transition and change management, oversight, etc.), we have individuals trained and committed to your success.

Nanoserve is composed of individuals with extensive experience in the successful implementation of document/drawing management software solutions. We understand that while each implementation is different, it still requires a preset blueprint for success.

Our software implementation methodologies are designed around your particular project to ensure its success. We begin by clearly identifying the deliverables and performance expectations for each phase of the project. Each phase of deliverables is reviewed and approved at designated time tables to establish the project time line.

Our management tools include an automated issues / action item list, assignment, progress monitoring and a resolutions tracking system. Project reports are prepared at predefined intervals summarizing the over-all project status, key deliverables, and milestones.

Nanoserve’s Implementation Project Phased Approach can include:

Define Requirements

  • Lead / participate in operational designs, modification review and design meetings.
  • Lead / participate in integration discussions. We confirm availability of essential data elements, and prepare detailed integration requirements and designs.

GAP Analysis

  • We review any GAPs very early in the project to give management an early view of the project scope.
  • We provide operational alternatives that may negate a “software modification”.
  • We detail each GAP and the proposed technical or operational solution.

Software Implementation and Support

  • Lead / participate in software configuration.
  • Help in the development of new SOPs, test scripts, user acceptance testing, training curriculum, and end-user training.
  • Guide / participate in user acceptance testing and monitor each test script.
  • Guide / participate in the documentation for the conversion plan, risk mitigation plans, and contingency plans.

The above outlined approach by our Professional Services Group represents only a sample to highlight the depth of our experience and willingness to participate in the process to effectively manage your software implementation.